Why is Pest Control Management necessary for Railways?

It is always troublesome to find those creepy insects crawling around or near you while you're travelling. Not just inside the compartments, but even while heading to rail or metro stations, you are likely to notice cockroaches or rats running around and creating a mess. You may come across this almost everywhere.

Do you know why pests and insect infestation happen?

  • Find a source of food: Platforms, train berths, open dustbins, pantry areas, all these have food spilled over and around. For ants, cockroaches, rodents, and other insects, these spaces are the best as they find large amounts of food and get to feed on decaying organic matter.

  • A breeding place: Stagnant water, places with traces of moisture like washrooms, areas around the sink, dustbins, etc., are the places where pests will find space for breeding and spawn their population.

  • Attracted to uncleanliness: The travel areas, although shouldn't be unclean, are some of the untidiest places one can find. While these places are not liked by us humans, for pests, these places are favorites because they get all the conditions they require for their survival.

We all agree that there should be regular Pest Control for Trains and Railways overall, but a few people know the reasons why! Experts at Pest Care India shares how Metro Railway Pest Management Services benefits.

Pest Control Management necessary for Railways

Why go for Professional Pest Prevention?

(1) Prevent food contamination
Any pest and insect pose a risk to food and storage places. The places like railway stations, bullet trains, or other transportation platforms, pose ideal conditions (environment, climate, etc.) for pest proliferation. Pests can reach through the supply chain, infest the storage facilities, pantry cars, packaging, godowns, canteen, and shops, and contaminate the food or raw materials. These are enough reasons to seek a proper service to manage pests and insects and eliminate the risk of food contamination and health hazards.

(2) Minimize the risk of pest-borne diseases
All the rodents, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks and fleas, etc., infest the corners and edges and are a carrier of many infections and diseases. Dengue, malaria, rat-bite fever, Lyme disease are only a few to name that spread through insects/pests' bites. Some of the infections, allergies, and diseases are life-threatening, and thus, to safeguard lives from danger to their health, professional Pest Control Services for Railways and other public spaces are important!

(3) Stop the rapid pest breeding cycle
Like every living being, pests and insects breed too. The breeding cycle of these creatures is quick. It differs from pest to pest, but to become mature from an egg doesn't take much time or space. All industrial and public places give them much room to reproduce. Not just that, they switch to new areas and make it their breeding place. It takes pests from a week to just a few months to multiply and create a nuisance! Railways Pest Prevention Service providers are trained and understand the breeding cycle, and know the most effective techniques to halt the cycle and pest intrusion. The use of pest combat strategies prevents every health and societal risk one can incur.

(4) Keep infrastructure safe
Insects keep gnawing, nibbling, and destroying cable wires, seat covers of the berth, wooden structures, and assets of the properties. To keep the infrastructure safe, going for pest disinfestation services is mandatory. The chemicals used in controlling pests will act as a repellent and even destroy the population wherever residing. The complete Pest Treatment for Railways and other types of transport will ensure the safety of the property.

(5) Short-term and long-term cost saving
As mentioned, insects are a danger to the infrastructure, construction area, and belongings. And the physical damage done to these affects the operation, goods, and ongoing work and also causes fatal accidents. One cannot afford to take this lightly. Any minor or major destruction due to infestation puts a burden on the business and management in terms of repair and replacement costs. It impacts the operational cost, increases the expenses, and delays the projects. Going for Professional Pest Treatment for Trains beforehand, regular inspection, and employing pest extermination services in commercial or industrial places helps extensively to reduce future multiple expenses post-infestation.

What is the process of Pest Management for Railways (Metro and Trains)?

(1) The first step of Pest Assessment is conducting a thorough inspection of the railway or metro premises. It identifies any existing pest infestations and assesses their extent.

(2) After an assessment, making an Integrated Pest Management plan for Railways is the next step, which includes strategies to prevent, monitor, and exterminate pests from railways.

(3) The experts assigned to Pest Care for Metro and Trains begin implementing suitable measures to stop the entry of insects into the concerned premises. It includes sealing gaps and cracks with sealants, installing door sweeps or PestCare Tube System, using mesh and glue-boards, implementing waste management practices, and maintaining cleanliness to remove potential food sources for pests.

(4) Furthermore, it involves setting monitoring devices throughout the railway or metro system to detect any signs of pest activity.

(5) Depending on the type and severity of the infestation, physical (installing barriers, traps), biological (introducing predators, parasites), or chemical (using pesticides/insecticides) methods are deployed to prevent insects from accessing sensitive areas.

(6) After cleaning, fumigating, and disinfecting the premise, Pest Care Treatments ensure regular maintenance and implementation of preventive measures against re-infestation.

Conventional practices for Pest Prevention don't work effectively nowadays, and advanced measures are the need of the hour. For a thorough Pest Inspection and Extermination, relying on professional pest management is essential. One added benefit is that experienced exterminators have licensed access to chemicals used as pesticides, rodenticides, and other insecticides. Pest Care India, with 15+ years of experience in Pest Control Services in Ahmedabad and other cities, has catered to requirements of pest management in different segments like the Ahmedabad Metro project, Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet Project, Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, and many more. The highly-skilled team assures 30 years of protection with its Pest Control Services for Metro, Railway, Court buildings, Academy, and every other premise. With the motto of taking care of your reputation and safety, we are keen on delivering the Best Pest Control practices.